Friday, June 20, 2008

Great punch class weekend

Thank you ladies for such a great weekend with my punch classes. Those of you who came learned how to do the double punch scallop and went home with a few flower tops that you can make some cards with. I hope you all enjoyed the class as much as I did.

I know one of you ladies did as I got to meet up with someone she works with (another demo that I've never met before) and was told that she really enjoyed the class and I can say she did if she brought the cards she made into work to show them around. Thank you Karen. Hi out there to Kellie.

I was thinking that next month we might do something with either folds or popups...not sure..

This would be the fold find of card. I'm still working on the popup idea.
Thank you all again for the great classes.


The Urban Chic said...

hey girl, happy to see you posting again. I just love the last card. Haven't gotten back into the swing of things and I am officially moving back home at the end of the month. Hope to see more of your classes. Love Ya, Pat

Jenny said...

Glad things turned out great! The cards are beautiful!